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    I'm thinking of installing a gas fireplace but I'm having trouble finding "How to" instructions. I need to know everything from hookup schematics (pieces parts) to how to bleed the lines to the other gas appliances (Water Heater Furnace). Any recommendations? Any Internet sources?


    Amazingly enough- there's not a lot of DIY information floating out there about Gas. It's the kind of project where if one does not know a lot about it- then it's best not doing it. I've sold a lot of fireplaces and logs to DIY. If they hook it up - and everything works--well - then it's OK. But if they hook it up and it doesn't work- they're on the phone to us asking why. Note that "why" could be a lot of things. gas line pressure- pipe sizing- loose thermocouple- shorted control wire- etc.
    <p>But don;t feel bad about the lack of information- we can't even locate information for professionals as to how to hook up and set up these fireplaces.

    <P> HearthNet now has a couple of good articles on how gas works and gas troubleshooting. See the link below and also the info page link at bottom of page.

    Link: How Gas Appliances Work
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