DOE to fund Solar power development including grid improvements


Minister of Fire
Jan 12, 2009
SW Virginia
I'm particularly encouraged by these focus areas:
  • Grid-Forming Technologies Research Consortium – $25 million, 1 award: Grid-forming technologies automatically coordinate inverter-based and other resources to start up and maintain electricity on the grid. SETO and the Wind Energy Technologies Office will support the creation of a consortium to advance research and industry-wide collaboration on grid-forming technologies and ensure that they enhance power systems operation.
  • Integrating Behind-the-Meter Solar Resources into Utility Data Systems – $6 million, 2–3 awards: Integrated communication systems that digest sensor measurements from distributed energy sources, especially those from behind-the-meter solar PV systems, are necessary for utilities to manage the grid. This will lead to greater PV system visibility and more flexible and reliable control and operation of the overall power system. Selected projects will receive funding ranging from $2 million to $3 million.