Done with VC, turning to another manufacturer

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Mar 2, 2024
I replaced my Atlanta 27 Box (anybody use one of these old trusty rusties!?) after 90 years and many many fires. Unfortunately, I replaced it with a Vermont Castings Aspen c3.
I've had fits with my Aspen c3 and I've tried the "fixes" I've found in various places on the web, except for taking the whole thing apart to clean out the excess cement used in the manufacturing process. Who's got time for that?
Now looking for two stoves and I've come here to inquire. Must be U.S.A. made.
I need a free standing woodstove to heat a workshop roughly 850 sq ft.
Wondered about the Big Buck Camp Stove with 4" flu, probably too small? Looks fun though :)
Then I need a free standing woodstove to heat 2300 sq ft, electric blower not desired, this one is for the occasional fire in the house.
I'd really appreciate your experiences and recommendations.
Humbly, bohemian44
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For the shop I would look at a Englands NC30 equivalent.

Maybe for both? Since your not looking for a primary heater in the house.
Quadrafire, Englander, Lopi, VC, Pleasant Hearth, Buck, etc. are all made in the US.