Door key/handle for Superior SP38

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Aug 3, 2015
Hey everyone,

Last ditch effort here. I have a townhome built in 1986 with a prefab fireplace from the same time. Model is Superior SP38A. I dont have the key to the door knob. I was hoping to find one from either anyone on here that has one and doesn't use or anyone that knows anywhere that has one, ANYWHERE. I emailed and they said they dont carry it. The door knob still works, just have to use a fire glove to open when using cause its hot. Door key would be better. Let me know any thoughts. Thanks.
What is then handle socket like? Is it square?


  • Door key/handle for Superior SP38
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  • Door key/handle for Superior SP38
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That may be a tough one, it was hard to find 10 yrs ago according to one internet thread. What is the width of the square post?