Door seal on Qudra-Fire 5700 step top

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Mar 4, 2013
So I just replaced the door gasket on this stove and the upper right corner is not getting a tight seal (that would be the corner above the handle that opens the door. It is just slightly leaking and I can barely see flames looking through the gasket, and doesn't pass the dollar bill test. I put a square piece of metal across the front face of the stove and I do not think it is warped. Any advice? is it possible to increase the closing tension or something like that?


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
If the stove face and the stove door are flat like they should be, then the issue is with the gasket. When the gasket was put in, was it stretched in that location? That can thin the gasket and create a poor seal. Was an OEM gasket used or generic?
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Max W

Feb 4, 2021
If the gasket was not over stretched you could try putting a layer of gasket tape under the the gasket install. After cleaning out the present gasket, cement the tape then cement the regular gasket. That worked for me on my Waterford cookstove. The door latch had no more adjustment and the fit wasn’t tight. I used the 1/2” wide flat tape then the 3/8” gasket. Found this method in a Waterford Stanley manual excerpt on Obedias or similar site. Just did this a few days ago. The door pulls in real tight and it seems to make a difference , even had a small coals this AM but then it had warmed and rainy low came in overnight. I’d never seen or heard of the tape before but found it a local hardware store