Ducting Piazzetta 163T in Canada

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Nov 21, 2022
Hi! Hoping someone can advise. I’m purchasing the piazzetta 163T as a backup to my wood stoves. My house is a log house and hiding ductwork is not possible.

I’m wondering a few things and would love opinions of what can be done.

1. The Canadian manual has half the length for ductwork than the European manual. Is that just a climate thing?

2. Can I use anything other than insulated ducting? These will be exposed/on view ductwork not in the walls or floors.

3. Does the size have to be 3”?

4. Do the registers really have to be in the wall up 8” or can they be in the floor? I don’t follow the issue considering how much more heat a gas furnace could make.

I’ve been reading so much about ductwork but I feel pretty limited in my options because of the house design and what I see available in stores.

We’re totally off grid and I loathe to bring propane to the house so this is me trying to just keep the house pleasant enough when we get home late and the fires haven’t been burning for hours. The house hasn’t dropped below 16C during the coldest days without us home. But it’s newish log so drafty just good thermal mass.

Any positive help would be soooo appreciated!

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Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
You say you are off-grid! Do you have solar power?
Duct it any way you want it just remember a pellet stove is a
space heater, not a furnace. don't expect it to heat like a furnace.