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    We just bought a Dutchwest stove. I have read all the comments on the Dutchwest stove, very informative. One question, how can I tell if the stove I bought is American made, or made in Taiwan? Also, what are all these gadgets for? I can figure out the damper on the door, but, what is this damper on top of the door?


    Stoves have not been made in Taiwan since 1987. US made stoves had the words "Made in USA" cast into the back plate in the late 1980's. Plus, beginning in 1993, US made stoves have a single door versus double door.

    The small dial above the left load door brings secondary air to the catalytic combustion area. Close the dial fully, then open it two revolutions, and leave it. Don't touch it.

    For more information, and possibly receive an Owner's Guide, call (802) 234-6719. Ask for Bill Floyd. Don't call VC/Majestic in Canada----they don't know your stove, or much about anything built before last year.

    Let me know if you run into any roadblocks.

    Good luck.

    11/2007 CFM (the parent company of VC) has information on these stoves. www.vermontcastings.com

    Link: Vermont Castings
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