Eiklor ultimate 5

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Jan 11, 2023
I just had a log set replaced. It is a right side gas inlet , but they installed a left side gas inlet log set and ran the flexible gas line behind the log set over to the right side to hook up to the gas inlet. They also ran the milivolt pilot wire directly under the grate / burners. It doesn’t seem right to me . Is the exposed (thermostat ) 18/2 wire going to melt? And is it safe to have that long flexible gas line running along the back of the log set? I feel like they should’ve just gotten a right side log set since that’s where the gas comes in. Also not impressed with the look of the regulator/pilot wires sticking right out at me looks pretty Cheap.

10CCC309-A9E7-427E-A03F-D8A239326BF6.jpeg 3ACF30A8-6C8E-46B1-91CA-D5C1B8748555.jpeg


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Dec 2, 2008
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No problem with the flexible gas line in the firebox. It’s done all the time & as long as all fittings are tight, it’s safe. The wiring should be protected from the heat of the burner by the material in the burner pan, which is either vermiculite or sand. I admit the installer could have done a better job of disguising them, tho.