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    I was in a bookstore at the mall looking at books about the Web when this guy walks up to me and asks me how to spell "isinglass". I said- "maybe it starts with an "e" - this is how much I know about the topic. Come to find out later that he was looking for a source for the glass used in the door of potbelly stoves. He has an old stove that he's rebuilding with a broken glass. I told him that maybe someone on the NET would have a source. Can you help? I guess that a sheet of this material can be cut to fit the existing profile of his old stove? Thanks in advance for you time and expert help in this matter.


    Eisenglass is actually the mineral "mica" formed into sheets. It was used in a lot of the antique stoves. Today's stoves use a high temperature ceramic glass "pyroceram" which can be purchased at many stove shops and certain glass shops. (Sometimes. eisenglass was bent--it is flexible) and screws run thru holes drilled in into--in these cases- it;s tough to use the ceramic glass replacement.There are certain stove restorers- and parts houses which have eisenglass in sheets.

    Try the parts link below

    Link: Link to Parts Resources
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