Electric truck showdown

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Only way I see that is a steep fuel tax. Maybe a displacement tax. Anything over 3.5L gets say $1.5k per L sales tax anytime title is transferred.

Strongly disagree, a displacement tax is not rooted in fact.

GMs 5.3 and 6.2 V8's are very close to the 3.5 V6 EcoBoost in EPA testing, but are better than the EcoBoost when towing in real world conditions.

Small engines have their use case, as do large displacement engines. If the goal is increased fuel economy, then tax that directly.
Ford reportedly loses money on every Maverick they make therefore they limit prodction. Its an image vehicle that they build to show they are trying. I think just as importantly, is dealers use them to drive traffic into the showroom to upsell customers into the large and more profitable Rangers and Full sized trucks. I know the local Ford dealer rarely has one in stock and its surrounded by Rangers and F150s.