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    My wife and I are looking for a woodstove for our cabin. A friend has offered us a coal stove (brand name = Empire) that he thinks is about 80 - 100 years old. This is a rectangular shape, about 20" wide X 20" deep by about 36" tall. It has a circular burning chamber lined with some type of brick.

    1. Can we safely use wood in such a stove?
    2. Is there anything we need to know about burning wood in a coal stove?
    3. Any suggestions for clearances? The walls near the stove are lined with brick veneer about 1" thick.
    4. Anyone have any general information about this particular make of stove?


    Chris, Yes the stove can be used safely if it is good condition and if you have the proper clearances. Today's stoves are either coal only or wood only if you have good "airtight" units, such as Waterford, Dovre, Vermont Castings (wood), Bruco or Hitzer (coal). The stove you have is before the days of gasketed stoves, thus you will not have the controlled burn (less efficient) and it does not reburn the smoke to lower emissions as the new "wood" stoves are required to do. Clearances for a NON UL stove are 36" in all directions and a floor protector of 18" in all directions as well as under the unit. As to whether the brick veneer really will reduce clearance depends on what it is made of and how it was installed. If it is non combustible and the supports that hold it are not directly behind the unit you may be able to have some reduction. The best thing on this point is to check with your insurance company and local code they will help determine the specific restrictions for your area. Differences on todays appliances are dramatic, as they bring the air into the combustion chamber in different ways, as for your unit the old units were used for either fuel as long as it has the shaker grate in the bottom or a slide grate. As to the Empire brand I can not offer any info and I have no parts available. Their is a company is PA that specializes in parts for the older units their name is Heckler Brothers and the phone is 412-922-6811. Before you purchase this stove do consider the following:
    1. Do you have room for it?
    2. Are parts available?
    3. Will it meet your heating needs (too small or too big)?
    4. Is efficiency of concern to you (this unit is not comparable to the new units made since 1990)?

    Hope this is helpful, if any of our staff here at Lehman's can assist please let us know.

    A.J. Hughes Stove Parts Manager Lehman Hardware and Appliance Toll Free: 888-438-5346
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