Englander 25-PDV - Drop Chute Jam

Don2222 Posted By Don2222, Mar 27, 2012 at 8:41 PM

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    The Englander 25-PDV ran for a few hours and then the fire died out. The bottom auger was starving for pellets so it looked like the Top Auger was not delivering the pellets to the bottom auger. Now I know that if the door adjar vacuum switch has a problem it will stop the top auger but that did seem ok. Also the hopper lid switch is connected to the top auger but that was ok.

    So, I just wiggled the top auger motor and it felt stuck and then freed up.
    Mike Holton is always right on and this is what he told me.

    sounds like a drop chute jam, working the motor will most times clear this up , if not pull the LOWER auger to gain access to the chute work in and up at about a 45 degree angle to insert a screwdriver or similar up the drop chute to dislodge any long pelets which may have "stovepiped' in the chute
    mike holton
    So I removed the top auger and inspect the chute. It did not look too bad but I brushed it out and sprayed plenty of graphite spray in there.Then I tried turning the auger by hand with the auger motor disconnected.The auger turned almost all the way and then hit a snag!!So I noted where the snag was on the outside and pulled the auger and found it was on the Knit line where the casting mold comes apart. Also there was some pitting on the back part of outer edge all the way from the tip to the bearing.I brought the auger over to the bench grinder and grinded all the of the knit line down smooth and then put the wie brush wheel to smooth it further.Put the auger back in and aligned it. Put 3-1 oil on the auger motors and the stove has been running real smooth ever since!!See pics

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    she'll likely run silky now, nice catch , fix looks real good, nice work

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