Englander 25-pdv smoke on start up

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Feb 24, 2018
catskill ny
I completed my fall clean out including a new combustion blower (complete housing). I got a smoky smell on start up and let it run thinking it was the new blower getting rid of the new smell. I did the flashlight test and spotted smoke on start up. I retightened the blower to the housing to insure the new gasket was seating and resealed all the smoke pipe with 600 degree metal tape. I`m still seeing smoke (not as much as previous, but smoke nonetheless) I cant for the life of me pinpoint where the smoke is leaking from, be it the piping or the blower. Any hints on tracking down this leak? Thanks ,Chuck

Pellet rick

Minister of Fire
Nov 25, 2015
Pottstown PA.
It could be leaking from around the adapter by the exhaust pipe. Mine will sometimes do that when I move my stove out for a deep clean and put it back in place. I just need to make sure the pipes are all lined up and it usally stops ounce it get hot.


Minister of Fire
I use Red RTV myself. I tossed the combustion fan gasket years ago for Red RTV but I apply the RTV to the fan flange and let it cure before attaching it to the housing. That way it releases easily when it's time to clean it out in the spring
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