Enterprise Wood / Oil Cookstove Questions

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Dec 2, 2023
Hi, new here, and new to refurbishing an old stove. Any tips will be appreciated!
We purchased an Enterprise cookstove, dated likely from the 1950's. It has wood, oil, coal burning capabilities, and looks to be in decent condition to use in a camp. I am having a hard time finding any info on the Enterprise brand, even though the factory was still around until 2012 in New Brunswick, Canada.
The first puzzle is to figure out what the small insert plaque had inscribed, half of it has broken away but we can have one fabricated if we knew. I will show in the pictures where it is located, and any ideas what the missing words are? Thank you!

Enterprise is a common name. There was the Enterprise cookstove line made by Phillips and Buttorf out of Nashville, TN. But I see there was also and Enterprise-Fawcett factory that made stoves in Canada. The porcelain units were in the Savoy line. Woodman's has some info on that line. You might contact them and see if they can help.
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