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No hate here. Have a 4 ton in the basement for the odd re-splitting. If it serves your purpose, that's what matters. They are slow vs. others, which may or may not matter to someone.
It's all in how you operate it. I can split about a cord in 2hrs starting with 20"-30" rounds. I can set myself up so that once I start on a round I don't have to move until it is completely split, keeping my foot on the foot control the whole time leaving both hands free to feed the unit. mine never has time for the head to fully return, this saves a lot of time if the head is only moving back and forth 4-6".


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Jan 7, 2015
Central MO
I agree, if you buy, go big. I went to wood splitter direct.com and got the 35 ton dirty hand tools. Made in America! It was about $1350 but it goes through almost everything. It’s a financial obligation but you save 10s or 100s of hours a year splitting, which keeps you 3 years ahead. I think I’m like most people, I have the wood and ambition but no time, so this is the most efficient way.
I've had my DHT 35t unit for just over 4 years. It's split everything I've asked it to split, but it's not been without issues. Specifically, it's leaked like a sieve since I got it. Seemingly every fitting was leaking. Last year the cylinder started leaking. I just finished rebuilding it, and found a bunch of rust on the inside of the cylinder. Apparently the leaking oil was displaced by an air pocket, and being a non-chromed bore (just bare machined steel), rust took hold. It's been sitting for a year or more this way, so I suspect it was condensation.

The DHT may be ASSEMBLED in the USA, but it's assembled from a bunch of Chinese parts, IMO. When I got the seals for the rebuild, they old ones were all rock hard (like plastic), split, etc. They guy behind the counter said that was common condition for "the seals in those Chinese splitter cylinders". I'm hoping the quality replacement seals last longer (in spite of the now pitted cylinder interior). Leaking fittings/seals seems to be a common complaint on the DHT units.

I also purchased the DHT 4-way splitting head. That was a big disappointment. It blew a weld shortly after I started using it. I ended up taking it off, and it's been sitting behind my storage shed ever since.

I think the main lesson I learned is that unless you go with a REAL "made in the USA" splitter (Timberwolf, etc), they're essentially all just the same Chinese units. Find a good deal from a nearby shop (so you can get assistance if something is wrong with it), and pick it up.

I did purchase this extended loading table for my unit. I wanted something to better protect the engine from falling wood bits. I like this table quite a bit.

Table here


Dec 7, 2015
That is not the experience I’ve had with my Dirty Hands 22T splitter . 5 years old and 30+ full cords later runs like a champ , lives outdoors under a vinyl cover. I just change the motor oil once a year . Hydraulic fluid is original and clean. Seems very well made to me and 22 ton has split anything that I’ve put on it.
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Nov 23, 2008
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besides timber wolf there is Ram splitters out of Rockford Ill, ( these are made here although I can't vouch for all of the components) they do offer a electric powered one at apx 11 tons - way better than any of the little import 4-7 ton ( specs are allover the board on those and basically all look the same ) box store units in the 20 ton range ( gas eng powered) very similar to each other all are imports and as was mentioned tend to go onsale for apx 7-900 green backs. they all get the job done.


Mar 22, 2008
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I’ll throw my two bits in here too.
If u split most of your wood easily get a sub $1000 splitter to do the rest. I split most of my easy splitting Ash(curse you Emerald Ash Borer!) by hand. But I have a 22 ton huskee/speeco gas splitter from the Tractor Supply Co. (TSC) locally that will split through anything u can throw at it short of a boulder. If you’re not worried about speed I wouldn’t worry too much about 22, 27, or 35 ton ratings with those. Mine has split everything fine and as a perk u can move it by hand more easily and save a few bucks for the amount of wood you’ll split.