Enviro M55 convection blower issues/questions

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Jan 10, 2016
northern Arizona

I guess the moral of the story is: if you are replacing the blower, it only takes about 15 minutes to remove the end of the squirrel fan so you can get to the bearing there, take a pin or needle and remove the rubber seal on the outside of the bearing, and verify there is adequate grease in there... Grease if necessary, put it back together and install it in your stove...
Hi Matt,
With the heating season almost over, I was wondering how the bearings in your blower have held up. Did they run quiet the entire season? Did you have to re-lube them mid season?

I've tried hybrid ceramic bearings (with non removable shields) and have had mixed results. They're a bit noisier at first. I've yet to find a bearing I'm really happy with or even one that will run quiet for an entire season.