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Apr 15, 2022
So I have been scrounging for wood for my yet to be installed wood stove for our porch. Plenty of rounds have come to me . I’ve been spitting and stacking. My 18 year old son came out one day and joined in. I taught him how to hold the splitter, bring it up in one motion and bring it down with force. My 13 year old daughter is totally into it, using a 3lb hammer to drive a wedge in a round and then the sledge to split it. Five minutes ago I had my son and daughter splitting wood with me. It’s great to have the family bonding with this.


Burning Hunk
May 4, 2018
Heart of NC
That's awesome! While I love to split wood, my kids never showed interest in it. Yet, my grandmother loved to split wood. Like many things, there is a natural interest in processing firewood and wood burning in general. It must skip a generation in our family ; )

Enjoy that quality time with the kiddos.
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