Felling Punky Basswood

Kawliga Posted By Kawliga, Feb 15, 2011 at 1:26 PM

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  1. Kawliga

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Rural Ottawa Valley, Ontario

    Well, I really have no choice...got 5 or 6 basswood, 12 to 16" dia. that have to come down...they are on the edge of my laneway near my OWB. They are real punky,(rotten) and the woodpeckers have been busy carving big holes...some right at the base of the tree. If I leave them, I know they are going to snap at least halfway up and fall on the drive...or worse on someone driving down the lane. I have cut healthy basswood without issue, (trying to get these out of my woodlot), but never felled real punky ones before. They are all pretty good leaners.

    I hate the wood for heating but they have to go.

    Any tips on how to fell punky trees? Same as normal?....a little scared as some of them are pretty big and I need to be sure I can fell them where I need to. If I could get to them with the backhoe I could just push them over...but not accessible.

    I am guessing the punky wood will also make my sharp chain real dull?

    Thanks for any tips

  2. smokinj

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    If you can fell them with the lean (Pic's would be nice) I more times then not just back cut it and be ready for the barber chair. (Just did that Sunday) Locust cracks much louder than a ported 460. Just keep your head and body out of the strick zone. Still Need Pic's and how comfortable you are hanging in the pocket?
  3. Backwoods Savage

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    Feb 14, 2007
    How about roping them? Throw a rope as high as you can get it over a crotch and then tie it to a tractor, atv or something similar. You can start with a light rope to get it up over the limbs and then tie on a heavier rope to use that for pulling. Then notch it and have someone keep the rope tight as you are cutting. But you have to be very careful as it sounds like the tree will be really weak down low. Make sure you have an escape route and stop cutting sooner rather than later. Pull it down.
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