Finally pulled the trigger on solar

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My guess is that this is tariff related. Are the prices quoted for solar panels and inverters from China? Does NZ manufacture solar panels?
The Inverter is from China and I'm guessing that the solar panels are also from China. We purchased both from a large solar installer. New Zealand does not manufacture solar panels.
Yes unfortunately net meter resets every month here and they only pay a penny per KWh for my overages. IIRC i was saying I’ll see how things go after a EV purchase in the future and if I end up buying a small amount of power that’s fine for me.
Do they give you a 1 for 1 offset and only pay a penny for the overage or do they only pay one penny for each kwh that is passed back to the grid? That could make a huge difference.

I get paid for every kwh I pass back - it doesn’t offset the retail rate of whatever I purchase from the grid. It takes about 3 kwh of over production during the day for me to offset the cost of 1 kwh pulled from the grid at night. Definitely changes behavior and encourages load shifting to the day and to size the system to your daytime average load. A battery would help me, but it would be a really long payoff so I still use the grid as my battery.