Fired another man's Vigas

JP11 Posted By JP11, Nov 8, 2013 at 9:21 PM

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    I know the dad of a childhood friend. He met up with Patrick and Mark on the fair circuit, and ended up buying a Vigas.

    He was a bit discouraged when I told him the lessons about dry wood vs. "seasoned" wood. He scrounged the tops of his piles and came up with some good stuff. He's already getting ahead for next year.

    He called today and asked me to come fire it with him. He had plumbed and wired himself. No storage. I was curious how it would work. I went thru and make a few temp changes on the controller to match mine. I also set up his draft fan to run off the controller. Just a few quick things.

    It was very cool to watch the big smile on his face when the temps hit 104 and the pump launched. With such a small volume of water, it got to temp fast.

    We monkeyed with his controls a bit. He has a few issues with the set points on his oil boiler.. but we were able to come up with settings that let the wood take over as it should. I was impressed how the unit saw the temps rising and spun the fans down low.

    He was excited to crank the heat and let his wife be comfy.

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