Fireplace Insert Replacement

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New Member
Jan 21, 2021
Muskoka, Ontario
Hey all,

At our cottage we have a Heritage Renaissance 2 insert located in our main living area. The ceiling is vaulted and we have 2 fans that we use to keep the air circulating. This will be the end of our 3rd winter here and although we are spending more time here due to covid, I feel like the insert just loves to eat wood.

Here is a pic:

I have spent plenty of time learning how to use the stove properly. If I load it up it fully it will go for a good 8 hours with good wood in it. The wood we are using is seasoned nicely.... (I have a moisture meter after figuring out green wood is after our first ever delivery was about 2/3rds green......)

I'm not sure when the stove was manufactured, maybe in the 90s?

I am wondering if an upgrade to something like this:

Would be worth it to cut down on our wood usage and also burn cleaner...

Does anyone have an insight? Our insert is non-catalytic but has a bypass damper for secondary burning. It does get hot, but I'm wondering if this type of new technology, and just a new stove overall (even if it is a non-cat) would be an upgrade to our current set up.