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Dutch Posted By Dutch, Jan 6, 2013 at 7:16 PM

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    I too started out with the 1450NC, then went to the FV and now have the PH. Mind you I'm heating something like 60% more space than you are. In my opinion the FV is likely to do great for you but there are a lot of factors to consider.

    As to moving the stoves about... Well, I have a split level so there are a good number of stairs involved. The FV I was able to get into place by hiring 2 guys and begging assistance of a neighbor. For the last swapout I had a moving company come and do the swap out - glad I did even though it cost me a pretty penny (4 hour minimum and it took them less than 2 hrs including taking the FV to a friends house and putting it in place there!)
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    Welcome to the forum Kristine.

    Moving those big rocks can present some problems but certainly it can be done. I unloaded our Fireview off the trailer onto a furniture dolly (the one pictured) all by myself. When it came time to move it into the house, I had 2 men to help. Actually they did 99% of the work. I mostly guided the dolly. We laid down 2 x 10's to go up onto the porch and then into the house. We did not uncrate the stove until it was directly in front of the hearth. Because we have a raised hearth, we removed the top lid, the firebrick and the firebox door to make it lighter. Then getting it up was not a problem.

    We've had several posts about folks getting their Progress into the homes. Slow1 had to get his up a stairway and hired that done. We even had a fellow who hired someone to raise the Progress on the outside of the house to the second story. That was amazing.

    Getting the stove installed should not be a problem as many do it themselves (we've done all our stove installs) and some will hire a carpenter. One need not go to a stove store to hire their installer. They simply hire a carpenter! There are codes that need to be met for safety sake but most installs are not difficult.

    Sorry, I am not familiar with the Encore so can not make a comparison. Someone else will no doubt be along to compare this. I will say that our previous stove was much larger than the Fireview and we used to burn at least 6 cord of wood every winter with our old stove. Now we burn less than 50% of the amount of wood we used to burn and we stay a lot warmer. I'll add that wood heat is our only heat. But most 1500 sq ft homes can be heated with a Fireview. The big key is to have good wood. Good dry wood. We try to burn all 3 year old wood or older. By doing this we get no creosote and also by burning good dry wood you will get more heat from the wood so you will naturally use less wood to heat the house. Until we learn how to burn water, dry wood is what everyone needs. Good luck.
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