First year heating with a Jotul 602CB v2 - a newbie experience

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Just a bit of an update. Hoping that documenting a bit here will maybe help some others in similar situations. Had the new chimney company come back out to go over some next steps to address that bit of a leak that I posted above. They recommended a bit of troubleshooting on their end that they perform often so I'm told... a water test. Spray the heck out of the chimney area and see if they can identify a leak.

The guy who came out (really nice and knowledgeable guy) raised a good point I didn't really think of and I was kicking myself for at least not taking it into consideration or mentioning it here. Leaking skylights. According to him, which makes sense to me, it's possible water is getting through the skylight somehow and traveling down and making its way into the roof connecting box there. The chimney isn't exactly right next to the skylight, but it is between two skylights, so could be a possibility.

Trying to spare potentially having to take the chimney apart. I appreciate them that much for trying to rule some stuff out prior. Seems like I could possibly have more than one issue here which is a bummer but at least I have help identifying the issue.

Thanks again all!