Fisher Serial Number

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New Member
Feb 14, 2023
Northern Idaho
Howdy All,

New here, so appreciate any and all help.

Picked up an early Fisher stove a few weeks back, and during cleaning and re-painting noticed a number stamped in the rear, upper left side. It is ID 001.

I live in Idaho, and bought the stove in Idaho, so maybe this is the 1st one built here (if they were?)

Didn't know if Fisher stoves had serial numbers on them, but it looks original to the stove, and thought it unique.

If wanted, I can post some pictures of the unit.

Thank you,

Northern Idaho was one of the first licensees in Post Falls. Southern was Boise.

Calvin Cotton from Boise did not number his stoves. Not sure about Dick Higgins and Nicky Parish from Post Falls without doing some digging.

#1 should be close, if not in Post Falls.

This is how they were numbered, state and stove number. It was not a serial number, it was a stove number made by each fabricator.

If this has a 3 piece top, chrome knob, pipe cap dampers, and a flat door that says Fisher -Stove Springfield you have one of the first.

So far, #1 from Oregon, PA, and GA are the only number ones known.
Hey Coaly,

Thanks for your reply and information.

I picked it up in a small town named Wilder, it's about 40 miles NW of Boise.

It is in decent shape - doesn't appear to have been used too much, but two of the legs were bent. Guessing someone tried to move it, and it probably toppled over on them. Rather than trying to repair them, we fabricated some new ones for it. Used 3/16 flat steel, cut it on a taper, and folded it in the press. I think they look good, and it's now a foot off the floor, instead of being only about 7 in from the floor.

Had to take the ash tray off to remove the legs, and that and the door are in the sand blast cabinet. They'll go back on as soon as I get them clean.

Guess I should hold onto the original leg stubs with the adjusters, since this is ID001...

Fisher Serial Number
Fisher Serial Number
Fisher Serial Number
That is not a #1 stove. The tops were not bent until years later.

Lets see the door. Is it flat with no Fir trees? Air dampers, door handle, lots of things to date it more closely.

Are the brick retainers short angle iron clips, or angle iron lengths?
Hi Coaly,

Thanks for all the info and help! Sorry I'm a bit late getting back to you. I've posted more pics below. Brick retainers appear to be short angle iron clips, not full length. Door is flat with Fir trees.
Fisher Serial Number
Fisher Serial Number
Fisher Serial Number
Those pics confirm it is not an early stove.

Doors were flat with no trees, no patent number, no finned draft caps, chrome ball handle....... This is about 1976 or later depending on handle spring type not shown. I'm guessing it to be a tightly wound stainless spring, not one with space between each coil. That would make it even later into '77.

Fisher Serial Number This would be on a Stove number 1.

The body would have 3 welded pieces for the top, not bent one piece; This stove is early, with the Fir tree door that was used until 1980. The intakes are still 2 inch pipe caps made at each fabricator before the aluminum dampers were invented by Bob's dad called the EZ-Spin on yours.

Fisher Serial Number