Flue pipe ideas

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Oct 3, 2016
Hi there guys i have joined up on this forum for some ideas for my wood burning stove flue pipe

I have build myself a wood cabin and decided to put a wood burner in, i started by fitting the hearth , Ive got that in and the small wood burner ,
the wood burner i have used has 5inch flue coming out of the top and i have then put on a 90 degree bend and then another bit of straight flue going out through the shed , i have then bricked round the flue so as to not have it touching the wood

I now have the flue sticking out and need another 90 degree joint facing up ways and a length of straight however the flew pipe is so expensive!! so I'm looking for a cheaper alternative and was wondering if 5inch spiral ducting would be any good to use for the outside flue ?

any advice would be helpful but please no wise crack as i have been on a forum like this before when i fitted a wood burner in my caravan and got a load of jokers saying i better keep 999 fire engine number on speed dial

Thanks :-D
Hi there guys i have joined up on this forum for some ideas for my wood burning stove flue pipe
Well for starters what stove do you have? What did you do for a hearth? How much masonry do you have around the pipe that exits through the wall?

Then we get to the chimney. You need to use insulated pipe otherwise it will never meet code and you will have a really hard time insuring the property. That and it will be very unsafe. Yes the chimney pipe is expensive but it is allot cheaper than building a new cabin.
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Hello thanks for your response

The cabin i have build is just off grid on a bit of land i keep chickens on its not a well expensive build , its just a wood shed made from osb board and then felted so it wont be getting insured or needing any pass tests

I have bricked and cemented the pipe about a foot round , ( i will get some pictures on when im back home next week to give a better idea )

i was thinking of using spiral ducting for the outside flue keeping it two foot away from the shed and lining the outside run of the shed with steel plate
i don't think the ducting is going to hold up to the temps that are going to go through it
The founder of this website burned down his chicken coop converted to a cabin with a rig like this. Lesson learned and not repeated. We can tell you how to do this safely, but not how to jerry rig it. You will have to stick with local advice for that option.
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