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    Good Afternoon, I am building a garage and have found an old Franklin type stove with not information that tells me how far from the stud walls it has to be to meet building code. The inspector here isn't much help and told me to do more research. I'm hearing that an unprotected stove must be 36" from unprotected walls. What would be the best material (cheapest) to give protection to the studs in my garage and how close can I get to that material. I'd like to be no farther than 18". I'd appreciate a reply ASAP since my next step is to cut a hole in the roof of the garage for the chimney (triple wall, by the way).


    By using sheet metal or cement board spaced 1" off the existing wall, you'll easily be able to use the 18" figure. Be sure to consider the pipe, which must also be at least 18" off the wall. There is a more information on the other Q and A's and at https://www.hearth.com/what/installstove.html

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