Fun shoulder season heating

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Jan 22, 2021
This time of year (and spring) is always interesting heating with my pellet stoves. The PP130 I have works pretty well since it will completely shut down when the thermostat is satisfied, but it is always a game with my USSC 6500 that heats the back half of the house. Temps got down in the 20's with highs in the 30s a couple weeks ago, so I fired it up. Running on the lowest pilot light setting I still had to open a window and crack the patio door a couple times on sunny days. The back family room would get up to 76*-78*.

A week later highs jumped to the 60s and I turned it off. Last night it was about 65* in the family room and the bedrooms were colder, so I lit it again. This morning I woke up to it being 87* in the family room just from the stove running on pilot light mode.

I like my ussc 6500, and after learning more about it it has worked really well for me. I just wish it had an ignitor and was able to completely shutdown when the thermostat was satisfied.

No question really, just observation........unless someone knows of an ignitor kit that would work with a USSC 6500.


Burning Hunk
Mar 11, 2019
I've been running my stove for a couple hours in the evening, and a couple hours in the morning. Our coldest morning so far was 28 degrees, and the days have been beautiful sunshine in the 50s.