Galaxy Supreme Rebuild

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New Member
Sep 6, 2022
I bought a Galaxy Supreme 5yrs ago. I specifically told my dealer that I use wood as my primary heat when possible. He sold this Fireplace to me. I recognize I should have done better Homework. Well anyways, I am looking at rebuilding the inside. I figure on getting some steel and welding a new firebox then lining it with firebrick. I am thinking of building the sides from 1/4 steel, haven't been able to get a close look at the top but hoping to be able to use 3/8' steel then attaching the original bottom to the new steel.
Has anyone done this before? Any tips or concerns i should worry about. The only thing I am concerned about is being sure to leave enough airspace around the box and outer shell.
Also, I would love to change the fan position. I have gone through 3 fans on this "blink'n" fireplace. Any thoughts? What else can be done to improve the efficiency? It heats great but not the quality that I was used to with my Prev fireplace. In fact, I am going to look into how I can get the heat from the unit and get it to the air intake on my furnace which is in the basement underneath it.