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    Hello I've looked through you Q/A but canÕ´ find anything on the hazy glass problem. I have to use a special fireplace glass cleaner once a month just to be able to see the logs in the fireplace. After just a few hours of heating the glass starts to turn foggy, until only the bottom center is clear enough to actually see the logs. I think I have an updraft of air intake problem but I'm not sure enough to start throwing money into fixing this problem. The tip of my chimney is some twenty feet from the nearest part of the roof. If you have any hints or suggestions, please write to me. Thanks


    First, I'll assume that the fireplace is a "B" Vent, that is a unit with sealed glass and a chimney which extends thru the roof. If so, your problem is most likely one of two:

    1. Air leakage in wrong places...The doors may or may not be gasketed to the front of the stove. If they are not correctly adjusted and/or gasketed (as per original factory spec), then this could cause the film.

    2. Incorrect air shutter adjustment..If the gas burner is not operating correctly (improper fuel/air mixture) , then the result would be a dirty combustion which could leave a film.

    The best course of action would be to contact the manufacturer, because they know the specific fireplace model and could probably help you better than I can.
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