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    Hello, I am looking for some information about converting an insert-type wood burning fireplace to gas with a blower. I understand that I will probably have to completely remove the current firebox, and run the aluminum venting pipes down the chimney for the new unit. I have seen the Jotul DV45 on your website and was wondering if you could recommend similar units that will run on propane. Also I know that I am looking at about $650 for gas logs in my current unit (was designed for gas) but I am having trouble getting a price range for installing and purchasing the gas inserts.


    You do not have to remove the existing firebox. A gas fireplace insert is installed into this opening and then the chimney is lined with one or two aluminum pipes. These inserts are not cheap - $1000 to $2000, plus installation which would run $500.-$900. in many cases. You'll find more about these at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html

    Gas logs (only) will cost much less, but will not do the same heating job.
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