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Nov 27, 2012

Craig, maybe you can help me. I am looking for info on Godin Stoves. I saw one in a magazine and saved the picture. It was labeled " Godin Small Oval #3732". If you can help me locate one of these or know of anyone who might be able to could you please mail me. Thank You and have a nice holiday season!!!!


Try Russo Products at 781-963-1182. They are the last known distributor of Godin.

11/2007 A google search for Petit Godin does not turn up much information. However a company called inventex does sell a couple of parts for Petit Godin Stoves. Other possible sources might be woodmans associates or stove parts unlimited. Both can be found on the Hearth.com part place page.

Link: Hearth.com Parts Place

Link: Inventex
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