Good deal if you live in MA - sometimes the govt. actually helps you

kingston73 Posted By kingston73, Aug 26, 2011 at 11:54 PM

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    Feb 10, 2011
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    This is for any of you living in MA, but also might help you if your state has a similar program. We have something called MassSave here, and going through them and National Grid I'm getting my attic air sealed, getting the bathroom fan re-vented to a more optimal location (right now it's got about 20 ft of flex tube to the gable vent), getting soffit vents installed (we have none for our house currently) and getting the attic insulated with blown insulation (right now its only about R14, only maybe 6 inches of insulation). All of this is only going to cost us about $400 because MassSave/NationalGrid is paying for 75% of the cost. I couldn't have bought insulation alone for $400, so I'm pretty happy with the deal. Might be worth it for you to look up your own state and see if you have a similar program you can take advantage of.
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    Good tips!
    For those in PA check out:

    I have gotten lots of good rebates that way. 1) Whole house fan ($90) 2) heat pump (reduced electricity cost, being phased out) 3) ac cut off ($10/month)

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