Good morning Quite cold here. Some random thoughte wood gathering and Cat stoves

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Jan 16, 2006 at 2:48 PM

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  1. elkimmeg

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    WOOD GATHERING With warmer weather Saturday mornings I take a trip down to the local DPW brush drop of area. I am able to net a couple of cords a year from this one source. There have been times, where people are throwing out there log piles are inform me I can have it. Lots of people know I gather wood; these leads usually turn into more wood. Then there is the 9000 acres of state forest across the street, so Many dead oaks lying on the ground. The ranger has allowed me to cut up the dead wood. Biggest problem is getting it too the truck. The woods they’re, but getting at it and hauling out is a major effort. Its not too bad there is still a good amount near the fire trail.
    Finally there is storm damage that falls down and I cut it up for firewood.
    I am hoping of obtaining a VC cat Encore to replace the 3-year-old Resolute.

    Besides the 18% more heat capacity I am hoping the cat will extend the burn times and there fore reduce wood consumption. Right now the Resolute Acclaim is just making it, providing the heat on my main level. 67 degrees inside, 6 outside. I loaded it at 11:00 pm
    Got up at 4 AM loaded it and my wife at 6:30Am placed a few logs in. No dampening down, straight full open with the air controls set to the lowest in. It will run about 4 strong hours 450 to 600 ranges. As it approaches 600, I may damper it down an hour or so.
    IF things go according to plan, I get the Encore right little used 1998. It adds the heat capacity. I can extend the burn using the cat engaged more often, and might not have to push it as much, using less wood.
    It’s not that the Resolute is bad, It does what I expected. Till I actually experienced using a cat (VC Intrepid II) recently, I realized the advantages of the Cat stoves. Three years ago, all I heard was how problematic and finicky the cat stoves were, very draft sensitive and costly to replace the cat. All of which is still true to an extent. Third party Combustors, at 50% of the manufacture’s replacement cost, has taken quite a bite out of the cost factor. Prime example, my Intrepid II combustor cost $59. Not bad if it last 5 years as the norm. Replacement, I removed two screws, one panel of the fire package box and replaced, it took less than 5 minutes. It’s working fine now. I have an interior chimney with a strong draft. I now know it will support a Cat Encore with out a problem.

    A lot of dealers installed cats in exterior chimneys that drafted poorly. They experienced too many service calls and complaints. It was easier for them to stop carrying those models. Giving Cat stoves a bad rap convinced me. I never would have seen things different, had I not gotten the Intrepid given to me
  2. DavidV

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    Nov 20, 2005
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    Not as cold here as where you are Elk. But Exterior chimney(until we add on next year or year after). Cat stove seems to do ok. I had a monster bed of coals in there and put 2 HUGE splits and another small piece of wood in it last night around 1030. Still had a big bed of coals (Mostly inactive)this morning but survace temp was down to about 200. opened it up, sifted the ashes thru the grate, tossed two more splits in there and left for squirell hunting with my son. Came home early. Tossed some more wood in there. The cat stove has done very well. I have been extemely pleased with the way the cat performs. 1 1/2 burning seasons with the replacement cats and doing well.
  3. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson
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    Nov 18, 2005
    Central NYS
    It was zero in central NYS this morning. Glad I restocked my indoor wood stash when the weather was warm.
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