Green Mountain 60 catalyst as NEVER worked.

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Cold in Vermont

New Member
Feb 24, 2024
I've run over a hundred fires in my Green Mountain 60. NEVER has the temperature risen when I engage the catalyst.
Great draft. Plenty of fresh air (read really old house.) New liner in three story chimney. Hot fire. Catalyst up to starting temp and stabilized. Clean catalyst.
Engage and watch the temp melt away. Helpful thoughts? (leave the snark for someone else. I'm already frustrated.)
Maybe too much draft, which does not allow for the gases to "be in" the catalyst long enough for it to do its work...?

Did you measure the draft?

Also, what is your moisture content?
Wait, is that temperature you talk about the *cat* temperature? Or some stove(top) temperature?
(I have a good grasp on how cats operate, but I don't know your particular stove very well - so maybe I should leave it to others with this model.)
Sounds as if the mechanism that engages the cat isn't sealing properly and the fire is bypassing it too much. I have that issue on an old Earthstove where the top of the fire box has sagged down over the years creating a gap that still allows some exhaust to bypass the catalyst.
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This only happens to me when the cats are plugged. Take your baffle halves out and look to see if they are plugged. I have an old thread with pics of what they look like plugged. I have a GM80.