Had the ss liner cleaned today!

stanleyjohn Posted By stanleyjohn, Nov 11, 2012 at 11:36 AM

  1. stanleyjohn

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    Been 2 years so i guess the liner needed a cleaning.In the future looking to buy the cleaning snake and doind it myself! The guy made it so easy.A good amount of creosote came out so I'm glad i got it done.Not all went smooth though! the chimney cap popped off when the guy cleaned the liner and had to get the ladder to put it back on.looks like when i had the stove put in 2008 the installer never secured the cap to the liner!surprised the wind never blew it off before.This guy put a few sheet medal screws in to secure the cap.Had one other problem after the guy left! I should of taken a better look in the stove after! I found a rope gasket hanging in the open damper.Im surprised the cleaner didn't notice or maybe he did!seems that hes very busy working 7 days a week.I fixed it myself! It was the gasket the goes around the damper for a tight seal when damper was closed.I did call they guy to let him know about it and he said he would come back in a few days to fix.I had some Hi Temp silicon paste and did the job myself.
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    I know that the most amount of creosote will accumulate at the top of the liner so I'm not sure why he didnt go up there to begin with. I did my own this year and found a good amount of creosote build up on the liner cap.

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