Had to use my flue damper for the first time on my Englander 13NC

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Joey Jones

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Sep 13, 2008
New hampshire
My wood is damp and has been a problem to burn so I bought a small electric splitter and started making small splits that I figured would dry faster and burn easier. Well last night I loaded it with these 2-1/2'X2-1/2"X18" hardwood splits that had been split 2 days ago. I was preparing the stove for a full night's burn and I did fill the stove chock fll of these small splits and had a good bed of coals going at the time. The probe thermometer peaked out at 900 degrees fairly quick and so I pushed the stove's flue control all the way in, and 2 hours later the thermometer was still in the 900 degre range with the stoves flue control fully closed. I had never seen this happen with my Englander stove so as luck would have it, I had placed a pipe damper in the first section of pipe on my stove which I did close all the way to bring the temperature down. It took awhile but then the stove did start to drop in temperature. I did have coals this morning after a 10 hour burn...enough coals to rake forward and start a new fire.

I must say I did witness some amazing secondary burn last night...and I am glad I added the extra damper, although for a quick fix for a chimney fire..(which was my intention for installing it n the first place) it is a neglible fire stopper.

I did go up on my roof yesterday to check the status of my chimney. I knew I would be doing this so I hadn't really cranked the chimney cap on real tight. What i found was a completely clear wire mesh spark arrestor screen and the top of the chimney pipe had only some 1/8 to 3/16 of soot creosote stuck to it. So I think my burning pattern has been sucessfull. I have all the brushes and 3/8" rods and was raring to clean but there was nothing of substance to clean.

IMHO....a flue damper is a good addition to a stove. It cost me $7 more than the fitting without the damper...but I did find, in my own experience, contrary to what some people said was uneccessary, that the secondary damper came in handy especially with very dry wood.
Your Humble Scribe, Joey Chang
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