Hardwood Toothpicks?

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Minister of Fire
Dec 5, 2005
Sand Lake, NY
I got a toothpick just now from the place I got lunch and it's the longest lasting toothpick I've had. Is it because it's made of a hard wood of some sort? I haven't Googled yet...
Three of them in a Blaze King will heat your house for a week.
As long as you C/S/S them right away!
Birch is the most commonly used wood for toothpicks. Bamboo also makes a nice long lasting toothpick.
Now there will be Craig's list scrounges from restaurant trash cans. Just remember " no pics. It didn't happen".
Do you cover your wood? Yeah I close the box before the snow flys.
You got that wood split yet? No but, it's nothing my Fiskers X .005 can't handle.

Ok I'll stop sorry
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