Harman P68 auger and burnpot questions

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I have a early model P68. My model has the 5 air feeder holes located at the bottom of the burn pot. The burn pot is original. I see that the auger on my P68 has the tip burnt off. Question......are the 5 holes located at the bottom of the burn pot ( and very close to the auger tip) causing the flame to burn the auger? Is this the reason newer P68 burn pots no longer have these 5 holes? I also have alot of carbon built up at the bottom of the burn pot. If I install the newest style burnpot (without the lowest 5 holes), will this solve the burnt auger and carbon. Hopefully somebody out there experienced the same thing i did and can answer this. Thanks in advance


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Dec 2, 2008
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How old is your P68?
That location in the unit is in a pretty hostile environment
& it just might be time for a new auger
That carbon build up aka "The Harman Speed Bump"
is common to pretty much every Harman I've seen.
I doubt changing the burn pot will solve either situation,
PLUS, speaking from experience, you're gonna say a LOT
of bad words when you try to remove the fasteners that
hold it into the firebox...
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Nov 1, 2011
Burnpot removal and replacement w/ revised pot and auger replacement is a must in my opinion. When auger gets burnt back it starts to wear on the auger tube and I have seen the tube wear thru. Burn pot bolts are not bad. You need a 12" long 1/4" drive extension with a u joint swivel type shallow well socket. Spray with some pb blaster first. I have done several and never had a problem. Auger is easy also. Just nuts and bolts. loosen collars bolts and tap the end of auger to unseat bearing and it will pop right out. The t nut things that collar bolts thread into want to fall out. Just dont loose them. When auger burns off and extra air is added low in the pot it allows to fire to be to far down and damages tube ect. With no air down there and auger flight able to keep fuel further out it eliminates the tube failure.