Harman PF 100 Blown Fuse

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DJ Matt

Jan 25, 2016
Brentwood, NH
My Harman PF 100 Furnace just lost power. I woke up to the smell of smoke coming from the furnace in the basement. Fire was out and I noticed the power on the main switch was lit on, but on the control panel were no lights including the red power light. Chimney was cold, but there was still a fire in the very back of the burnpot. Smoke was smoldering and the fire appeared to be running back into the auger which could have gotten up into the hopper. I emptied the hopper and vaccumed out any sawdust and pellets in the auger to remove all sources of fuel. Quite a bit of smoke in the house and surprised the smoke detectors didn't go off. After safely getting rid of the fire and smoke, I removed the control panel with the power off to find a blown fuse. Has anyone experienced this ? And will replacing the fuse most likely solve the problem?
You'll likely want to figure out why the fuse blew... How old a furnace?
The furnace is on it's 6th or 7th season. The control panel is original. And it is the original fuse that blew. I keep the furnace clean and I did clean the chimney after the fuse blew for the first time this heating season. I have burnt about 2 and 1/2 tons this season so far. The furnace is cold now and I will try a fuse this am to see if it holds the load. Will call a tech when the dealer opens...
Wait, so this fuse already blew once before this?
Glad you found it!
Any idea if the old blower can be repaired? Might be nice to have a back-up;)
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