Harman XXV blows fuse on startup

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Jun 5, 2008
Central NH
Have a 2008 Harman XXV that has been pretty bullet proof,a few ignitor and right after I bought it combustion blower-they gave me now one which I installed in 2009.
New issuseit blew the fuse yesterday ,got a fist full of 6am 120/250 F (that that came out of it the fast blow)put a new on in panel light power goes on then as soon as I tun it on a combustion more starts its blows the fuse.
Thinking I will disconnect the blower and ignitor and see if doe not blow fuse then try one then the other.
Anyone else gone through this and have any ideas?

Disconnect each circuit, igniter, combustion blower. Its either one of those, bad wire, wire shorted, or control board..
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Thanks, I have both on the way and leaning towards the combustion blower as its so old, hope to get in there today and do the remove each one from power.
Ended up being the combustion fan-the one I ordered from Amazon came with the single paddle fan and using that now,had to cut the old one part with sawzall on the shaft. I did order a double paddle as well but it did not fit the shaft
Seems to run ok with the single paddle,will have to get a another double paddle.
With a replacement paddle, put a little anti seize on the shaft and a "little "on the allen set screw. Makes it easier to remove next time . I remove mine periodically to clean it and behind it..
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Thanks-yea I probably should,the one I took off was original and pretty rusted,when I clean that I just put piece of cardboard behind it and run it around the mounting plate. I will say this new China motor is a good bit quieter.Once the next fan comes Tuesday I will make that one fit even if I have to make the hole larger myself.
Short update, new double paddle fan arrived and same problem, so ,as I should have figured, its the shaft size on the Chine made combustion blower is just a but to big,sanded it down with emery cloth ,still very tight but the new double paddle fan is on there and working fine.
If you order a China made Blower from Amazon, this one came from Earth Sense,be prepared to have to machine the shaft down to get the fan to fit.
If you have a premium stove use the premium OEM parts. If not you are turning your Harman into a Vogelzang one part at a time:)
Well its 15 years old.I will say I was going through oem ignitors till I went with the China ebay ones and they last way longer so a Amazon blower from a well known seller ,yes china was not a hard choice,was not something I care about,will see how long it lasts but yea next time,if it craps out after a couple years, might look for a oem one.Its a tool it makes heat,not a collection item.
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If you have a premium stove use the premium OEM parts. If not you are turning your Harman into a Vogelzang one part at a time:)
i agree