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Feb 22, 2020
Which ways can a hearth + walls be DIY with minimal "dust"?

I'll explain "dust". This is a retrofit of an old farmhouse. The woodstove is going into a room with a central, masonry chimney but there's hardwood floors and walls that are probably lathe & plaster.

So minimal "dust" = not taking walls down to studs, and not ripping out the floor.

Can I lay backerboard down right over hardwood floor? secure it with screws/nails to start DIYing the hearth?

And can I mount backerboard on spacers against the walls? Then tile the 2 walls that need clearances to the woodstove?

Obviously there will be some "dust" but I'm hoping to avoid ripping out floors & walls.

What stove? What are the clearance requirements? To minimize the demo/dust, you could use a prefab hearth pad. For the walls, I would build 2x4 wallsover the existing wall and attach backerboard to that, then the tile.
Yes you can. Note that if the clearances for the stove are met then there is no need for any wall treatment and if the stove only needs ember protection then a sheet of metal could suffice for the hearth pad. That said, if the stove requires more protection, or you just want fancier, that's ok too. If the wall treatment is to reduce clearances there are very specific requirements in design. The most important is the ventilated air space behind the wall protection.