hearth done, stove coming tomorrow!

Elle Posted By Elle, Sep 18, 2013 at 5:44 PM

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  1. Elle

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    Apr 20, 2012
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    well maybe the hearth isn't totally done, but done enough for the stove. I still have to pretty up the edges and decide how I want to finish is, but it's in and ready for the stove tomorrow. I also decided I will put the spacer wall up after the stove is installed. That is just because of logistics really. I know it will be harder to work around, but my helper was not available for the last two days, and honestly I can't lift and hold the durok up by myself (rotator cuff torn) So it will have to wait.

    The hearth is level, straight and solid...so bring on the stove baby!!:)

    The bricks are from the old coal furnace chimney that was taken out of the house some 40 years ago. I found them buried under some dirt while cleaning up to put a fence around the yard. Some had moss on and other stuff...I thought it looked neat and it seems like they will go fairly well with the brick facing that I will be getting next year. I think it's neat to recycle old stuff from the house....and heck they were free!!

    I spent about six hours outside over the weekend trying different designs, different borders, shapes, etc etc, and I just kept coming back to the rectangle. Maybe if I was getting an enamel stove I might want some different designs and such, but I think with the black one I'm getting...this will fit nicely with that and the house. The spacer wall behind it will be a neat high relief so that will add a little something without showing too much.

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  2. begreen

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    If you run a rag dampened with diluted muriatic acid over the bricks it will clean off the mortar haze. Read the instructions and be careful with the concentrate. It is strong stuff. Wear protective gloves and eye protection.
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  3. Ed Williams

    Ed Williams
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    Sep 25, 2013
    Sometimes, white vinegar works, if you don't wait too long...
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