Hearth mount stove

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New Member
Dec 14, 2021
I’m looking at installing a wood stove in my lower level den and have a few (read that as many) questions.

First is my fireplace is 40” wide x 25” tall (to the lintel). It is 26” deep at the base tapering to 23” at top. The sides (width) taper from the previous mentioned 40” to 31” at the back being approx 36” midway. The hearth is 16” brick and is raised 17” from floor. The room floor is ceramic tile over concrete slab.

In looking at various stoves the Hearthstone Homestead appears it would work. Am I right in this assumption? Are there any other stove options? I like the looks of soapstone, but in looking at other makers I didn’t see any that worked with lintel height.

A liner will also need to be installed that is offset
In the chimney. There are 3 flues - 1 in center that feeds upstairs fireplace and one 8x8 on either side of this that feed to the downstairs fireplace. Previously there was a steel plate slammer in the downstairs that has been gone several years now.

There’s approx 1000 sq ft finished space downstairs with central stairs to foyer then up another set to upstairs living space.

Thanks for suggestions

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