Hearthstone Clydesdale Questions/Issues

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Feb 4, 2015
Milford MI
I've had a Clydesdale for about 10 years and like it. I ran into a few issues while cleaning it for the next season.

1) While removing the burn tube/baffle board unit one of the allen screws broke off in the stove. How important is it to drill this out and replace with a new screw? I called my dealer and they were understanding but basically said they do not fix this type of issue. I'll minimally get a new screw for the other side. Should I put some type of "never seize" on the screw to help it come out easier? IS there a special screw material that withstands the heat inside the unit?

2) the baffle board is cracked (not broken). How important is it to replace it? Where is the best place to get a baffle board?

3) Two of the soapstone side bricks are broken. The rear side stones are both cracked in the same place. The metal side bracket can still hold them up. How important are these to replace? Is it common for these to break? Where is the best place to get new stones?

Thank you for any help or suggestions.
After looking at the schematic, I can’t tell where the set screw you broke is located, but if it’s needed to secure an assembly in position, then you need to drill it out, re-tap the threads & replace it. Stainless steel generally holds up better in a harsh wood stove environment, but an anti-seize compound works well for keeping threaded fasteners from galvanic corrosion.
The cracked baffle should still function until it actually breaks, but your Hearthstone dealer will be able to get you one.
The cracked soapstone pieces should be ok, unless the cracks completely penetrate through the stone. If the cracks do travel through, you’ll lose your airtight environment. Replacement stones are available from Hearthstone. Replacing them requires a complete teardown of the stove.
Agreed with the above and would live with the cracked stones unless they are falling apart. I haven't torn one of these inserts apart, but I recall it having a cast iron outer shell. AIt doesn't look like a cracked stone would affect the firebox integrity. The firebrick stones are replaceable by removing the side or rear retainer brackets which are held on with two screws.