Hearthstone Green Mountain 60 Catalyst Thermometer Calibration

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New Member
Feb 12, 2024
I recently had a Green Moutain 60 installed. The catalyst thermometer is "wonky" in orientation. Do these come from the factory calibrated? Do I need to adjust it?

If yes, any tips? The local dealer just sent me the manual which isn't helpful but does show the thermometer in a different orientation.

2024-02-12 16.18.26 outlook.live.com 318ff053aaf1.png

The Manual;
2024-02-12 16.18.10 outlook.live.com e7758f1fb5e2.png
The Hearthstone thermometer is "dumb". Just a coil of metal that heats up and winds/unwinds to move the needle. The whole probe should easily slide out of the stove and twist around (the needle will twist with it). For example, you could easily make the "hearthstone" text level to the ground.

But, when your stove is cold the needle should match Figure 16 you showed, and you shouldn't need to calibrate it. If your photo is of a cold stove, I'd just request a warranty replacement. Maybe the faceplace just needs to spin... or maybe your needle coil is bent/damaged. You shouldn't have to deal with this on a brand new stove.