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New Member
Nov 24, 2023
New York
Good evening all, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
I am brand new to this forum, and love what I see because tomorrow I am going to be putting a hefty down payment on a brand new Green Mountain 60. I am replacing a 40yr old Kodiak Beast of stove, which burns both coal and wood. But it is time for a total replacement from the stove to the roof. I have a total of 23’ of stovepipe that will go through our cathedral ceiling, with 2500-2800sq feet of space that I would like to heat. Please let me know if my quote from a local dealer recommended the right stove with the pictures I sent him.
Thank you
I am a new owner of the Green Mountain 60. I've grown up with woodstoves and recently replaced my previous one with the GM 60.
My complaint is the design of the front of the stove regarding the build-up of ash and loading of the stove. The ledge gets too much kick-back of ash in my opinion. It heats my house just fine (I have mine in the basement and keep my basement pocket door open so the heat rises) so I purchased it based on the square footage it would heat (my house is 1436 square feet). I wish the firebox were deeper for more ease of loading. Just my two cents.