Hearthstone Heritage I Model #8021 - Glass Retainer Clips & Screws

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Oct 3, 2022
Mid, MI
My house has a Hearthstone Heritage I Model #8021 in the living room. The thing is awesome. I read the manual (a good 30-page read) and a bunch of sites/forums,/reddit online about wood stoves. Based on what I read, I decided it was a good idea to clean everything very well and replace a few worn or broken parts before this winter. I also changed out the gaskets on everything after the "Dollar Bill" test showed some gaps.

The only thing I can't find is the item below to retain the glass. It looks like I have three broken clips and two screws I will have to drill out and tap.
5021-060 Glass Retention Clips, screw, and glass clip pad.

The one place I found them wants about $13 per screw, which seems high. Does anyone know what the metal is for the screw and clip? I might try to make my own clips and see if I can get the screws from the hardware store and save some money. Or of a place that sells a universal type item?

This is my last hurdle in getting the stove running for the winter.
Thank you for the info. That site is kind of steep too for what I would consider standard hardware. $10 for one piece of felt the size of a penny, and $14 for on clip the size of a quarter. Over $75 dollars with shipping. I hope the clip comes with the screw, I will email them to find out. I am headed to the hardware store today to see if I can find an alternative. I plan to use some of the leftover gaskets to make the glass clip gasket.

QTY: 53B- Glass Clip Gasket [8 required per unit, each sold separately] (3120-021) +$10.65

QTY: 53C- Glass Retention Clip [8 required per unit, each sold separately] (5021-060) +$14.34
The glass clip pad is not felt. That is a ceramic fiber pad that can tolerate the high temps seen in the firebox. You may be able to get a square of 1/8" ceramic fiber material and cut your own pads with scissors.
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