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New Member
Jan 24, 2018
Has anyone replaced the rear or back panel of a hearthstone stove? What does this entail? We have a beautiful stove with a crack near the collar on the back panel. Our chimney guy said it would cost $2000 to replace but the part costs $700. That makes me think it isn't easy, but if we could do it ourselves we would love to save the $1300!
Did you verify with hearthstone that there is not a lifetime guarantee on castings?
If you can get that panel for $700, JUMP on it.
The list price is $903.

If you google Hearthstone Technical Support, you may find a replacement procedure...
$2000 is about what the stove cost when it was purchased. I certainly wouldn’t dump that much into it at this point.
It would be covered, but we just bought the house and the warranty doesn't transfer to us. We are in communication with the original purchasers, however...

I haven't been able to find any videos or helpful literature about replacing anything other than the baffles.
The other option is welding. I know the process is more difficult than normal welding, but I'm not even sure it's suggested for a wood stove. If it doesn't work out, what can you do with a beautiful stove that has this cracked part? It seems like such a waste!
It will not be an easy job. It’s not a common problem, so you probably won’t be able to find out any information about it. However cracked stones are common, look very closely for cracks on the lower side stones.

These stoves are not easy to work on, it can be very labor intensive.