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  1. T

    Reinstalling a LOPI fl

    So I just bought my house from my Mom’s estate after her passing. She had been in the home for 30 years. I noticed some rust accumulation on the top of the insert near the top flange so I decided to pull the panels to investigate. Apparently whoever originally crowned the chimney didn’t leave a...
  2. I

    How to build an insert for a chimney liner

    I have a 1927 bungalow with a fireplace. There is a very simple insert consisting of hollow tubes which serve as the wood rack. There is a blower which circulates the hot air into the room. We've used the fireplace every winter for over 30 years. The chimney is now in disrepair and I would like...
  3. St. Coemgen

    Your Opinions on: "Restoring Our Homestead Woodstove"

    A Youtube Video. A UK couple, living in Portugal. Clearly an inexpensive steel stove, with a back water heater. Given what he had to work with, your thoughts. What he did, was it: - Correct - Incorrect - Could have done better Details for each in your comments.
  4. A

    Photos! Rusted Majestic steel firebox removed - possibly wanting to put in a stove

    I've had a lot of water intrusion in a home I purchased that was covered up. I only noticed after starting renovation of the fireplace surround that turned into going down a rabbit hole of a rusted out firebox, separation of the surround, sagging floor, water intrusion, and crumbling mortar. I'm...
  5. T

    Outdoor DIY fireplace chimney/smoke issues

    I have built a "functional" outdoor fireplace. I am planning on stucco'ing it this summer but before I get there, I have smoke issues. A few notes: ignore the flagstone I am planning on fire bricking the entire inside From memory the opening is 36X24 and I have a 3' 6" chimney coming out the...
  6. G

    gthomas785 Massive Wood Shed Build (progress thread)

    I'm finally making good progress on building my wood shed, with the help of my wife. I'm posting this thread just to share the process and design, in case anyone is interested. The woodshed was designed entirely by me, in my head, and I have minimal drawings. Here are a couple sketches of the...
  7. P

    Possible chimney fire? Shingles burning.

    Hey there, I've been following a long time, but first time posting. I just installed a used catalytic wood stove (dutchwest 4621) and a new 6in double wall stainless steel chimney liner into a 6x6 terracotta lined chimney. I started using my stove in Jan 2021 (one month). The wood im using...
  8. N

    Century S244 Installed in small cabin

    Put this little stove in over Christmas so we had a nice warm place to spend New Year’s Eve. I’m super happy with how things turned out. Its in a 12x16 cabin on the property we live on. Puts out good heat, and glass stays nice and clear. I’d have appreciated updated instructions from Duravent...
  9. K

    What's happening here?? Hearth help requested

    Hi! I started demo-ing the tile in front of my gas fireplace. . As you can see, I started with the farthest away row of tile. A few of them were already broken and just sitting on top of the concrete, not secured. I started by removing those broken ones and then chiseling under the others. That...
  10. T

    Chimney/ air intake placement (DIY Project)

    Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for suggestions and help with relocating my pellet stove in my basement (came with the house installed). I have a few questions regarding chimney placement and air intake to the outside. I will provide pictures at the end. 1) I am going to use a core...
  11. C

    Can you add cement board to shorten a firebox?

    Hi, My wife and I demoed a river rock fireplace facing and are now wondering... how can we clean this mess up? Our main question is: can we simply place a cement board over the front of the firebox to shorten it, or do we need to lower it with fire resistant bricks? We are thinking: 1...
  12. R

    Help with installing stove or insert into masonry fireplace with heatilator.

    Hi I'm completely new to this forum, fireplaces, stoves and inserts. I purchased a 1700sq ft house ( about 1200 sq ft is on the same floor as the fireplace and the rest is upstairs ) 2.5 years ago. I'm assuming I'd want something that will heat up to 1800 sq ft or so. My main heat source is an...
  13. T

    DIY Secondary Combustion / Air

    I want to share what I have learned from hours of reading forums and watching youtube - an attempt to repay those who laid the groundwork for me. I have a Suburban Manufacturing Wood Chief / Coal Chief stove insert that has faithfully heated my house(s) since 2006ish. This is been a great...
  14. M

    DIY Stove Replacement? 8" to 6" and other new guy questions

    Hi all, I'm a new wood stove owner trying to do his homework. I have a lot to learn. I bought a house with an old Hearthstone H1 in the basement (the upstairs has gas heat, but not the finished basement). About 1000 square feet up and down. I replaced the glass and gaskets (both needed doing)...
  15. Mellowyelloe

    My homemade gasifier

    Hi fellow members. This is my first post. I joined this community to share my boiler project with everyone in hopes maybe others can learn and hopefully I can learn from others. Last summer I started building my boiler because I was tired of the inefficiency of my insert in my fireplace. Plus...
  16. W

    A few questions

    I see that most forums haven't been active but I thought I'd give this a try... I'm trying to heat a two story 1200sqft home. The first floor will be separated from the second by doors. There is duct work there but nothing installed yet. The duct work that is there is the insulated flexible...
  17. Ryhder

    DIY Fix harman distribution blower without replacing!

    Hello , after having a distribution blower failure on my Harman XXV I decided to tear it down and attempt to repair whatever may broken inside, I searched for any info on repair / rebuilding the electric motor but found only suggestions to replace it. In the spirit of saving $200 and possibly...
  18. B

    Hearthstone Homestead Rear Panel Replacement

    Has anyone replaced the rear or back panel of a hearthstone stove? What does this entail? We have a beautiful stove with a crack near the collar on the back panel. Our chimney guy said it would cost $2000 to replace but the part costs $700. That makes me think it isn't easy, but if we could do...
  19. seaninnj

    Time lapse - German Schmeer and fireplace insert install

    Took the GoPro and setup a time lapse to capture the application of the german shimmer on the old fireplace brick. We love how it turned out. Thanks all for the tips on how to get this done without too much fuss.
  20. H

    Gas Fire Advice

    Hi all, I need a little advice on modern gas fireplaces. I am building a new chalet and have decided to go down the natural gas fireplace route. I would like a contemporary minimal looking long, low and possibly open on front and back. I am not interested in the heat output as it is purely for...
  21. O

    Regency Hearth Heater ( H2100M )Installation

    Is there a secret to removal of metalbest once locked down? I opened up the wall (corner) giving myself plenty of room to grab the pipe and turn counter-clockwise but there was not a hint of it budging. DO I need to use a thin bee keepers pry bar to perhaps break a creosote seal inside or what...
  22. W

    DIY Whitfield Advantage II-T Repairs?

    Hello! This forum has been very educational - thanks! We inherited a Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet stove with the house we bought 6 years ago and haven't done much to it other than cleaning. Lately, fans have started sounding like they're on their way out and we're having a hard time...
  23. R

    Earth Stove RP45 with broken burn pot

    I rent a home equipped with an Earth Stove RP45 that has worked well enough for me over the last 5 years. The burn pot has always been broken on the bottom, allowing some pellets through to the ash pan. Over time it's gotten worse- the bottom of the pot is now 75% open. Burn pot fills with a...