DIY Whitfield Advantage II-T Repairs?

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Jan 14, 2017
Hello! This forum has been very educational - thanks! We inherited a Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet stove with the house we bought 6 years ago and haven't done much to it other than cleaning. Lately, fans have started sounding like they're on their way out and we're having a hard time finding someone to service our stove. Plenty of people in our area will sell you a stove, but few will come service it and those people are busy with new installations and won't even take service calls. So, my questions are, with some basic mechanical common sense, a smidgen of electrical know-how, and the willingness to research via manuals and how to videos, how hard would it be to replace a blower motor or something similar on my stove myself? Would the stove need to be moved away from the wall to work on it? (I'm guessing yes, based on where the access panel is...) Is there a particular website/book/video you recommend to educate myself? Thanks!
Yes, you can definitely do it yourself! Others with more familiarity with your stove will be along to give specifics. And, welcome to the forum. Please keep us posted on your progress.
We've decided to go for it! Now the question is, since we'll be opening this sucker up, what else should we replace? We're definitely replacing the convection blower. Our unit was made in 1992, and we don't know what's been replaced prior to our acquiring it (with the house) in 2010. We've only done the basic cleaning and recently cleaned the blower as best we could without removing it. That helped, but we're still going to replace it. Should we replace anything else while we're in there? Thanks!
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